Why Jam Sessions?

The idea for Jam Sessions evolved from a common issue that I have with personal projects that I take on, along with issues that friends expressed for some stuff that they were working on. The common themes that popped up during these conversations evolved around:

  • A lack of time to get the stuff we are working on, done.
  • A lack of accountability, since the only person that was holding us accountable for whether or not we did what we said we would was ourselves.
  • A lack of feedback and insight that could help us get to solutions quicker than working in a vacuum.
  • A lack of personal skills to get everything that we needed to get done, along with a lack of a network that was easily accessible that we could reach out to for people with the skills that we lacked.

Based on these common expressions, Jam Sessions seemed to be a natural solution to solve the majority of these issues. In addition to trying to solve the issues outlined above, here are a few selfish reasons why I want Jam Sessions to be:

  • Provide a space where I can hang out with my friends, while being productive.
  • Create opportunities to make new friends, as well as meet new people who I can collaborate with.
  • Block out a chunk of time, monthly, where I can focus on the things I’d like to (need to) accomplish.
  • Be inspired, and learn, from others who are doing the same.
  • Be a member of a community that is focused on doing good and making change happen.

Productivity, powered by accountability, with a growing and evolving network of people who proactively come together to work and share sounds pretty awesome, and I hope it will be.

What does success look like for Jam Sessions?

Thinking about what success look like for Jam Sessions is pretty interesting. At its most limited scope, if we’re able to make these sessions happen on a semi-regular basis, even for the smallest number of people, and those people have been able to finish what they have committed to, success has been achieved. But, if you were to expand that vision and think about what Jam Sessions could evolve to be, both for its members and the communities those members live in, success takes on much grander vision and really starts to get exciting.

The vision for what Jam Sessions could be involves the following visions of grandeur and optimism, and I hope you like what you see:

  • A global network of people who share a common bond, executing on their visions and teaming up along the way.
  • The development of new companies that both support their creators, as well as support the people that work around them.
  • A group of motivated individuals who have the power and freedom to venture out on their own, or team up with other, all while having the support and encouragement to be masters of their own destinies.
  • A global platform that supports and promotes the amazing people who are members, along with the amazing projects that have been created as being part of it.

These are some pretty lofty goals, but I think even these are just a small vision that will evolve and broaden as this network of amazing people grows and feeds it.

I hope you’ll join, and let’s see where we can take this.

– Ryan


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