A monthly gathering where people make a commitment to something they’re working on, share that with the group, and open up the opportunity to gain valuable feedback and insights from other members who are doing the same.

The format is pretty straightforward:

  • Share what you’re going to work on with the group.
  • Work on it for an hour or two.
  • Share what you accomplished during that time, and what you plan on doing the following month.
  • And, of course, do some solid mingling before, during, and after. Super casual.

It can also lead to the following awesome outcomes:

  • Make new friends, and maybe collaborators.
  • Provide a space for us to get outside our own heads.
  • Discuss our ideas in and open and encouraging environment.

Chances are there will be more benefits that come from this regular act of doing, sharing, and growing. I hope you’ll take part and join in on the Jam Session!