Monday, April 11th 2016

Hi! Welcome to, Jam Sessions! We're just kicking things off, but wanted to give you a warm welcome and introduce you to what this is.

Jam Sessions is built upon the process of: commit, go, collaborate, grow. The way that is achieved is by making a public statement to something you're going to work on at each event. At the meeting, you can share that with the group and elaborate on the ideas that you have, along with any questions or hurdles that you might face. Then we all focus on completing our tasks, which could either be super head down focus, getting outside feedback from other members, or just discussing your ideas in order to get to the real tasks at hand. Then, we all share what we were able to accomplish and what we plan to focus on/complete before we all meet up again. And then continue that flow.

If you want to explore things more, check out the About and Purpose pages. And, if you’re into it, sign-up for our next event!!

We hope that this becomes a fun, useful, and hopefully valuable event, and we can’t wait to see where we can take it.

Let’s jam!