Exploring Live Streaming

Wednesday, November 2nd 2016

In an attempt to add more value to our Jam Sessions, we’re going to explore live streaming our next meetup. The hope is that by live streaming our conversations, both people who are interested in the group, but don't live in New York City can join in, and we can explore what the value is in opening up the conversation outside of the conference room, and hopefully extending the conversation beyond the meeting itself and into our Slack channel.

Since we’ll be streaming these sessions, we’ll also have the opportunity to store that video and share it later. Creating a resource that can be referenced by members of the session, as well as people who were not able to attend. It could end up being a cool artifact to reflect on after the meeting, to make sure you soak up all the knowledge nuggets dropped from our also members.

We’ll be playing around with this and see where it goes. While we’re exploring it, we’ll be sharing what we’ve tried and how well, or not so well, those explorations go. I think it’s an exciting technology to play with, and hopefully we’ll be able to add more value to the group and be able to extend the reach of our sessions beyond our current meetings.